Saturday, January 14, 2017

Email from January 1, 2017

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas season, and a happy New Year! Mine was great over here. Lots of noises, and then more noises. Sorry this is just short, But one quick thought. Lets think of some goals that we want to accoplish this year, then actually do them. Even if the goals change 5 minutes after we first set them, lets choose a goal, then achieve it. Most of the time we set new years goals, then forget about it. Human nature i suppose haha but we must cast off the natural man (mos 3:19). Have a great week!!

Elder Miklich

Email from January 8, 2017

Hi guys!

So this week we had a huge miracle happen this week. One of our investigators, his name is Alexander, is really trying to change his life around. So yesterday we taught him for the 3rd time, and he asked us, how do I become saved, and how does that work. Question like that. We were pretty shocked, but we gave him what he asked for. after the lesson, he was like, yup, that makes sense, this is good. o we invited him to be baptized, and set a date immediatly. He accpeted, and promised to come to church next Sunday. He also reads the pamphlets we gave him, so he is super solid. Me and Elder Bautista are pumped. This is just one of the many that we have seen, because of faith and obedience. Be obedient! We dont understand what happens or what blessings we receive but they do come! We found him in an area that has been walked through by missionaries for years. Its nice to know that its not just us two working. Theres a lot of prayers going into this work, so Thank you for all your support! I hope you all have a wonderful week 
Elder Miklich
Email from 11/28/2016:

Hey guys

How was your guys week? ours was alright, full of up and downs. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened that I can remember right now, but when it comes to mind Ill let you know. but based on the overall experiences of the week, Ive been thinking about magnifying our calling. What does it mean to magnify our calling? Why are we given callings? Just some food for the brain. Hope you all have a great week, ingat kayo lahat!

Elder Miklich

ps. here is a poem our mission President sent us. Its pretty good I think youll like it.

My life is but a weaving 

Between my Lord and me; 

I cannot choose the colors 

He worketh steadily. 

Ofttimes He weaveth sorrow 

And I in foolish pride, 

Forget that He seeth the upper, 

And I the under side. 

Not till the loom is silent 

And the shuttles cease to fly, 

Shall God unroll the canvas 

And explain the reason why. 

The dark threads are as needful 

In the Weaver’s skillful hand, 

As the threads of gold and silver 

In the pattern He has planned. 

(In Sourcebook of Poetry, comp. Al Bryant, Grand Rapids, Mich.: Zondervan Publishing House, 1968, p. 664.)

Email from 12/18/2016:

Maligayang pasko sa inyo lahat!

I hope you have a wondrous time of the year this Christmas season. We should all remember why we even have Christmas in the first place. That is sure to bring good thoughts into our minds. This week has been alright, Me and Elder Bautista have been doing alot of finding, lots of hard work, even if there is like nobody in the afternoon. We seen miracles this past week, lots of new people, even some less actives that havent been visited for a while. The work is progressing over here. Just a quick thought for yall, where our time is, that is laso where our heart is. I know that its deep, pero we can figure out what this means. I hope you all have a blessed week, and a happy one 2. 

Elder Miklich

Friday, November 18, 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry its been a while, Ive been busy, but its been a good type of busy. Ive been transfered to my 3rd area, its called Agoo, and its hot, but awesome. My new companion is Elder Calipes, and hes pretty cool. Im loving the mission, its hard, but its worth it. Ill share  one quick experience. We were finding, we went to this one house, knocked, introduced ourselves, and ended up teaching Mary Lou about the Atonement, life after death, why blood or pork is not forbidden anymore, and that connection to the old and New Testaments, prophets, and prayer. It was an awesome lesson, and she likes to ask questions. We asked her to give the closing prayer, and there we discovered her love for her family, and that she wants the help of Heavenly Father. Powerful prayer, it was like she was talking to Him for the first time. After the prayer, he asked her what she was feeling, she said it was nice, uplifting, and then stated that she noticed it started when we first introduced ourselves. This is the work of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He will not leave us alone when we try to help our brothers and sisters, or if we are struggling. He wont. I hope you guys all have a  great week. 

Elder Miklich

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hey guys,

I hope you all enjoyed General Conference because it was way good. This Church is true and our leaders are inspired. There were a ot of talks that hit home, and it all helps me become a better missionary. Sorry this is a short email, nothing new really. me and elder Vicente will be finishing our 3rd transfer together, Our area is still awesome, losing yourself in a work, especially this work, brings tons of blessings. Inat kayo lahat!

Elder Miklich

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Email from September 25, 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry I didn't write last week, was a little busy. But over the past 2 weeks we had some exciting things happening. 1) they will open a meeting house in our area because our area is pretty far from the church, and the members and investigators have a hard time. So on Oct. 16, if all goes well, Things will really pick up here in Irisan. 2) Transfers were last last week, and me and Elder Vicente are still companions. Its been a long time, but its ok, we teach pretty good together. 3) We meet this new guy named Skyler last week. His had a rough background, but he really wants to change his life around. We gave him the Book of Mormon and he basically started reading immediately. There's a lot of miracles that happen everyday day, and I'm always so grateful when we find new people, and when people keep their commitments, and the feel the Spirit in their lives. Seeing people makes changes, or repenting, is a very humbling experience, and sometimes we are astounded at the act of faith that the investigators take. Its simply amazing. I hope you all have a blessed week, ingat.

Elder Miklich 

Email from October 2, 2016

Hello guys!

This has been a great week, and it came to a fantastic close this fast Sunday when one of our less actives, Bro Munoz, got up in the front to bear his testimony to the ward about the blessings of the gospel. When I first met him, about 4 months ago, he was a guy that had some word of wisdom issues, and he was looking for direction. Through a great amount of faith on his part, he started coming back to church, he has no more problems with WoW, and he is no longer afraid to come to church. Its the strongest conversion that ive seen on my mission so far. Its been amzing to see the changes that he made in his lives in order to live according to the gospel, and then the changes that came into his life because of those decisions. He made a comment one lesson, "I dont have very much, but Im happy and my life is peaceful. I believe!" Nobody is out of the reach of the Atonement. I really love that guy. I invite you guys to think about the last time the Atonement has played a role in your life, and the last time youve seen it play a role in somebody else's life. Well thats it for this week, short but powerful. Take care ya'll!

Elder Miklich
Email from September 11, 2016

Hi guys,

So this is transfer week, and we got a call earlier and the AP said that me And Elder Vicente or going to be companions again, so this will make 3 transfers in all. Thats a long time, but hes pretty chill, and so here we go again. haha, although we did have an interesting experience this week. us two have been struggling in talking and finding new people the past few weeks, so we made that our focus for this week. So we set a goal, and we achieved that goal, (it was a pretty high goal, but we worked and achieved it) and two families that we weren't really expecting would come to church came! We were pumped, and the investigators had a good experience as well. So thats kinda my cool thought for the week. The Lord will bless us when we try to improve and become better. All He requires is our compliance and willingness to obey. We don't know how he will do it, but the promise is sure. There's a deeper meaning to this experience Im just having a hard time explaining over email. Anyways, I hope each one of us can strive to be a bit more obedient this week, in order that He can more fully bless us. Ingat kau!!

Elder Miklich

Email from August 29, 2016

hey guys! 

So its been a pretty great week. We helped this guy named Salvador carry rocks up to his house. that was quite an experience. Right now he is building a house, but first he needs to clear the way, set up rocks to keep the dirt from coming in( He's builiding it into the side of a mountain) and he's the only one. He has also been coming to church straight almost two months now, but he still has WoW problems, but we are helping him with that. (its also hard because he also speaks Ilocano, and has a hard time understandiing Tagalog. minor obstacles in the way of Salvation.So he got a real good laugh watching a small white guy carrying rocks up to his house. Some were pretty heacy, and my companion also laughed at me, so it was a good time. Anyways, That was a fun service project, and he did come to church last sunday, so it was worth it. But there is also a good life lesson here. Sometimes in life, it feels like we are walking in an uphill slope towards heaven. every now and then we hit a really muddy patch of path, so we need to watch where we put our feet. And then we feel like we are carrying a big heavy bato (rock) on our backs. and then it starts to rain. So in other words, life gets hard. But if we endure it well, focusing where need to go, there will be a place where we can toss the heavy rock from our shoulders, and look back and see the progress we have made, and then be grateful for that trial. I hope you guys can use this experience somewhere in your week, I know that the Church is true, and n ot only will be able to cast off our rocks, but Jesus Christ will be their every step of the way, helping us, and guiding us to a better path. I love Him.

Have a good week,
Elder Miklich

Email from September 5, 2016

Hi guys,

Doing good over here. Teaching people, finding people that are just waiting to find the truth. The mission is hard, but fun. This is just a short email ngayon, but this has been a good week. Earlier this morning we tried playing soccer, the field was really muddy, but its been a long time so me and Elders Jenson, Vicente, and Plania went to play. I line up for the first shot, ran to the ball, took the swing, and pulled a charlie brown haha. mud everywhere on my back. pretty embarrassing. It wouldve been worth it though if the ball wouldve made it to the goal. it was a pretty bad slip, but it made the others morning pretty fun. We went home soon after that, and so  its a good thing im not worried about playing soccer here. But heres a pretty cool story. We taught he word of wisdom to Salvador, the guy who has been coming to church for a while, that was on Sunday. We went back to him on Saturday, followed him up, and he was like, "I havent smoked or drunk in 5 days." This guys a stud. he also said that his head really hurts, but hes still going strong. it was a miracle that the Sisters found him, and that hes wiling to follow the commandments. This is just one miracle that I noticed this week, but this is also my "thought of the week". We are really stronger than we think we are, we just have to grit our teeth and endure. This life isn't easy, but it gets better when we follow the commandments. That gives us strength to endure the hard times, just like Joseph Smith in liberty jail. We can do this!! take care til next week,

Elder Miklich