Monday, November 23, 2015


Q:  Where are you?
A:  The Naguilian area of the Baguio Mission.  

Q: What's it like, weather, surroundings, city, town, country? 
A:  Weather is humid, so we are always sweating, but thats ok. No rain yet, but the hot season is just starting.

Q:  What are the people like?
A:   The people here are so awesome! They are super nice and while they live humbly, they will share anything that they have. 

Q:  Can you understand the people? 
A:  When we talk about Gospel stuff, yes, most of the time. Conversational wise, 15%. 

Q:  What is your apartment like?  Do you have clean water? 
A:  Their is 4 of us in our Apartment, its actually pretty roomy, I'll get pictures soon. I did misplace my charger for they camera though. I'll let you know if it was just in a suitcase or something next week. Yes we have clean water, and our shower is a bucket and a smaller bucket. It's so awesome. 

Q:  Who is your companion?  Where is he from?
A:  Elder Smith. he is from Utah, and has been out 4 months, and can speak the language really well. He wants to work hard, which is awesome. 

Q:  How does it feel to be out in the mission field?
A:  It feels more real, and it is more hard in a way, because you can't understand the investigators questions or needs. Nor can i answer them the way I want to. it is getting a little bit easier. Don't worry about me, I can do it!

Q:  What is church like? 
A:  Church is awesome. Our branch had about 60ish members come, but it should be way more. Lots of reactivation work here. The members are so kind and they understand that i can't speak very well, but I'm learning. 
Hello everybody!

This week has been pretty eventful. on Friday, we had the opportunity to meet with two apostles, Elder Redland and Elder Neilson. They are both super awesome. We got to shake hands with them and everything. They talked about how we can be better missionaries, and gave us some advice. Super cool. I've never felt the Spirit so strong. The whole Baguio mission was sitting in the chapel, so there were like 120 something missionaries too. it was awesome. I know that our Apostles and Prophet are men called of God. They are so humble and will only do the Lord's will. Never doubt them. I love you all and I want you to know that the Lord is hastening His work. I know that through the book of Mormon, we can recieve the inspiration and guidance we need. Have a great week!

Elder Miklich

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hello everybody!

So this has been our first week in the field and it's awesome!  The people here are so nice and everybody helps each other. It's a Filipino habit to, when walking between two people talking, duck down. Everybody does it here, even the "cool" guys walking down the street. 

We having been teaching a few lessons everyday, and I'm starting to get used to hearing Tagalog, and our areas and such. It's way cool. I'm so happy to be here, even though i usually have no idea what's going on. This one family we are teaching, are so nice, and they are accepting the Gospel. We last taught them about the Word of Wisdom, and the husband, who usually drinks and smokes, committed to live it! We will see next time, but he seemed to understand why why don't intake of those substances, so it can happen. miracles are possible. 

What I'm learning is that people need the Gospel, of course, but they need to understand why it is important for them, and how it can help them. Don't be afraid to Open your Mouth. people somehow understand me whenever I speak, and it's in a different language. This church is true, and it can bless the lives of all God's children, if we let it. 

Elder Miklich