Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Richard's camera just sent us pics, which means he was close and connected to WiFi...the first time his camera has been able to do this since the MTC!  What a joy to get random pictures of my boy!

We saw a pic of Richard playing basketball a couple of months ago and we all wondered if it was a banana on his shirt, but we weren't sure...but this picture proves he does indeed have a banana shirt...

Two Americans feeling patriotic on the Fourth of July!  God Bless the USA!

This is quite a waterfall...Wow!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

hello guys,

Sorry I didnt write last week, Ive been busy. I had a few cool experiences this week. We have been doing a lot of finding, and that means we met people of all sorts of beliefs and ideas about our Heavenly Father. We met this one guy who asked us what was the most important part of our message. We said that Jesus Christ lives, he said "Amen, lets sit down and talk about Him." Well, it turns out he is a Baptist preacher, and a kinda preached to us about how our salvation is free, as long as we have faith, and that we didn't need works. (He ignored our James 2:17 reference) but then in the same sentence, he told us that we needed to repent, so I think his defintion of works was a little bit off. Then, there is a lot of one certain church around here that are pretty stalwart in their beliefs. I actually kinda admire them for their firmness, but at the same time i'm pretty depressed because it is of course, the wrong church. I wont go into what they believe, but needless to say Im so grateful for the Book of Mormon, and its purpose. There are two ways that I would like to share real quick. 1) it clariefies doctrines in the Bible. (ex. 2 Nephi 25:23 for my example) Then 2) It testifies that God has indeed called again a prophet in this Dispension. No other church has the Book of Mormon, And no other Church can make the claim we make, because there is no other true church. So my testimony and gratitude was really strengthened this week for the BoM. if you ever have any questions, turn to the Book of Mormon. It is the most true book in our time, and a symbol of God's love. People of different faiths aren't bad people, they are just doing the best they can with the Bible. I hope you all search a little more deeply this week, because sometimes we often underestimate the power within. take care this week,

Elder Miklich