Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hey guys!

I'll jump right into it. We had an awesome opportunity to go proselyting on Wednesday. That was an eye opener/wake up call. We proselyted in the Quezon City North Mission, which is what most of our group is going to go to. My and my kasama (companion) were paired with a Filipino who has 9 months left and spoke super good English. We had an appointment set up but it fell through. So we talked to people on the streets. 

My Tagalog is hindi mabuti, and here's how it went down. Our senior kasama introduced us, and then said that we had a message for them. Then we tried our best to explain the First Vision, which a had a few people laughing for sure. Then after we finished, the Filipino guy fixed our mistakes and it went smooth from there. So it really wasn't that bad. 

What was really eye opening was how the people lived, but how happy they were. Do you remember those WW2 photos that show London's buildings that were bombed? Many live in places like that, and if they don't, it is roof metal sticking out of a fence in a box shape. However, these people, at least the ones we talked to, were really nice and smiled easy. 

We met a Muslim, young mother, these guys waiting in line in front of a barber shop, the guy driving the trike, everybody. So cool though. One of the ways people get around is called a trike I think. It is basically a low box attached to the side of a dirt gets tight with two people in the box though. We get to go proselyting again next Wednesday, but in manila I believe.

One thing that came to mind this week is that this church is a church of action. Repenting takes action/initiative on our part, faith without works is dead, missionary work. This church is living and thriving because our members continue to act and progress. just a cool thought. This church is true and don't be afraid to let people know it. Hope all is going well for you. 

Elder Miklich

Friday, October 16, 2015

Wassup guys!

I love hearing from you guys! It's awesome to hear about what you guys are doing out there. I'm having a great time here. By small and simple means can great things come to pass. Back in the first week, when gym started, there was only one guy juggling a basketball/volleyball because he kept getting out in speed. (the basketball game) The next thing you know, somebody put out a soccer ball, and then there were like 4 of us in a juggling circle. And now we are having full on 5 vs 5 games. Most of those guys never played soccer but it is still super fun. Many missionaries will probably tell you that the MTC experience is long and boring, and it sometimes is. But what is great about it is that you can see your improvement when your are practicing teaching investigators. 

Me and my companion are getting along pretty good, and there have been a few experiences when I'm trying to follow the Spirit and go the direction He will have me go during the lesson, but I get stuck because I can't remember a scripture or something, but then my companion picks up right where I left off without any communication between us, and then makes the exact commitment or reads the exact verse that I was trying to think of. Way cool. My companion is pretty chill, and our district is like super close. 

The power of the Priesthood is real, and there is work to be done. The language is coming along pretty good. i still have a hard time speaking it but I can mostly understand our investigators when they talk about church stuff. Its going to take work though. I also found out that i'll have to learn a different dialect called Ilokano, but i don't have to learn it, but they speak it a lot up in Baguio so i'm probably going to pick up that to. So cool! Exercise is alright, not as much as I'm used to but i sweat a lot during gym so its all ok. Filipinos are so cool, and super nice! I'm super excited to get out in the field, then you will get more pictures. The days are like personal study, language study, companion study/teach investigators, (we almost have them committed to baptism, (they are just teachers role playing as investigators but they are good actors), language study, language study, gym, eat sleep. 

Ang ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo is true, and don't be afraid to share it. Talk to ya next week!

Elder Miklich

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kumusta po kayo! (That means how are you)

The MTC down here in Manila is awesome! There are so many people here from different countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, America, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, and even a few from Vietnam and Korea I think! Some of the funniest times our district had so far was going around trying to get people to say stuff with an American accent while we tried out theirs. There must be some Aussie in me because I had a guy from Australia thinking I was from Sidney or something like that. Like full on. It was hilarious because when I switched back to American he freaked out. 

Some other different things that I have noticed is that in order to cross the street, just do it. Cars stop and will go around you, but they don't do it with heavy traffic. Driving is insane here. I thought we were going to crash like the whole hour and a half drive from the airport to the MTC. Talk about reflexes. And the driver also told us that it is better to honk if you are going to cut off someone. 1 honk means that you are going left and 2 means you are going right or something like that. It was Awesome! 

The language is weird because everything is backwards. The coolest word I learned so far is pananampalataya, which translates to faith. Anyways, I'm super pumped to be here even though we have had rice for every meal here, except twice, because the work is going forward, and I get to be a part of it!! There are tons of chill guys here that are ready to go and share! The church is true, so let Everyone know it!

Elder Miklich