Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Email from August 29, 2016

hey guys! 

So its been a pretty great week. We helped this guy named Salvador carry rocks up to his house. that was quite an experience. Right now he is building a house, but first he needs to clear the way, set up rocks to keep the dirt from coming in( He's builiding it into the side of a mountain) and he's the only one. He has also been coming to church straight almost two months now, but he still has WoW problems, but we are helping him with that. (its also hard because he also speaks Ilocano, and has a hard time understandiing Tagalog. minor obstacles in the way of Salvation.So he got a real good laugh watching a small white guy carrying rocks up to his house. Some were pretty heacy, and my companion also laughed at me, so it was a good time. Anyways, That was a fun service project, and he did come to church last sunday, so it was worth it. But there is also a good life lesson here. Sometimes in life, it feels like we are walking in an uphill slope towards heaven. every now and then we hit a really muddy patch of path, so we need to watch where we put our feet. And then we feel like we are carrying a big heavy bato (rock) on our backs. and then it starts to rain. So in other words, life gets hard. But if we endure it well, focusing where need to go, there will be a place where we can toss the heavy rock from our shoulders, and look back and see the progress we have made, and then be grateful for that trial. I hope you guys can use this experience somewhere in your week, I know that the Church is true, and n ot only will be able to cast off our rocks, but Jesus Christ will be their every step of the way, helping us, and guiding us to a better path. I love Him.

Have a good week,
Elder Miklich

Email from September 5, 2016

Hi guys,

Doing good over here. Teaching people, finding people that are just waiting to find the truth. The mission is hard, but fun. This is just a short email ngayon, but this has been a good week. Earlier this morning we tried playing soccer, the field was really muddy, but its been a long time so me and Elders Jenson, Vicente, and Plania went to play. I line up for the first shot, ran to the ball, took the swing, and pulled a charlie brown haha. mud everywhere on my back. pretty embarrassing. It wouldve been worth it though if the ball wouldve made it to the goal. it was a pretty bad slip, but it made the others morning pretty fun. We went home soon after that, and so  its a good thing im not worried about playing soccer here. But heres a pretty cool story. We taught he word of wisdom to Salvador, the guy who has been coming to church for a while, that was on Sunday. We went back to him on Saturday, followed him up, and he was like, "I havent smoked or drunk in 5 days." This guys a stud. he also said that his head really hurts, but hes still going strong. it was a miracle that the Sisters found him, and that hes wiling to follow the commandments. This is just one miracle that I noticed this week, but this is also my "thought of the week". We are really stronger than we think we are, we just have to grit our teeth and endure. This life isn't easy, but it gets better when we follow the commandments. That gives us strength to endure the hard times, just like Joseph Smith in liberty jail. We can do this!! take care til next week,

Elder Miklich

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