Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Email from September 11, 2016

Hi guys,

So this is transfer week, and we got a call earlier and the AP said that me And Elder Vicente or going to be companions again, so this will make 3 transfers in all. Thats a long time, but hes pretty chill, and so here we go again. haha, although we did have an interesting experience this week. us two have been struggling in talking and finding new people the past few weeks, so we made that our focus for this week. So we set a goal, and we achieved that goal, (it was a pretty high goal, but we worked and achieved it) and two families that we weren't really expecting would come to church came! We were pumped, and the investigators had a good experience as well. So thats kinda my cool thought for the week. The Lord will bless us when we try to improve and become better. All He requires is our compliance and willingness to obey. We don't know how he will do it, but the promise is sure. There's a deeper meaning to this experience Im just having a hard time explaining over email. Anyways, I hope each one of us can strive to be a bit more obedient this week, in order that He can more fully bless us. Ingat kau!!

Elder Miklich

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