Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry its been like a really long time since Ive wrote. Things are busy over here, and I havent quite mastered typing. Anyways, things are awesome here in Quezon Hill Ward. The members are awesome, strong, and we have some cool investigators. One is named Salvador, the Sisters actually found him in their area, but they cant teach him because there usaully isnt any women around, so they gave him to us. he has already come to church like 4X, but he has a slight obstacle of WoW, so we will help him with that. He really likes Church, he says that "magadang pakiramdam" which means good/beautiful/nice feelings. (yes there are a lot of meanings to that word) We had another investigator named Brian that asked when he could get baptized, so we gave him a date, and then he got a job at McDonald's, so he might move to Dagumpan or Manila, someplace far. Satan really works full time to stop the work from progressing. He is still way cool, but because his schedule changed we can't teach him that often anymore. So thats some of the kool guys we've met and are progressing, Things are great being a missionary. I get to see miracles everyday, and get to spread the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ sa lahat. I love this church, for the Gospel it bears and the hope of an eternal family. I love you guys, hope you are all doing well wherever you are. 

ingat kayo, 
Elder Miklich

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