Saturday, January 14, 2017

Email from January 1, 2017

I hope you guys all had a great Christmas season, and a happy New Year! Mine was great over here. Lots of noises, and then more noises. Sorry this is just short, But one quick thought. Lets think of some goals that we want to accoplish this year, then actually do them. Even if the goals change 5 minutes after we first set them, lets choose a goal, then achieve it. Most of the time we set new years goals, then forget about it. Human nature i suppose haha but we must cast off the natural man (mos 3:19). Have a great week!!

Elder Miklich

Email from January 8, 2017

Hi guys!

So this week we had a huge miracle happen this week. One of our investigators, his name is Alexander, is really trying to change his life around. So yesterday we taught him for the 3rd time, and he asked us, how do I become saved, and how does that work. Question like that. We were pretty shocked, but we gave him what he asked for. after the lesson, he was like, yup, that makes sense, this is good. o we invited him to be baptized, and set a date immediatly. He accpeted, and promised to come to church next Sunday. He also reads the pamphlets we gave him, so he is super solid. Me and Elder Bautista are pumped. This is just one of the many that we have seen, because of faith and obedience. Be obedient! We dont understand what happens or what blessings we receive but they do come! We found him in an area that has been walked through by missionaries for years. Its nice to know that its not just us two working. Theres a lot of prayers going into this work, so Thank you for all your support! I hope you all have a wonderful week 
Elder Miklich

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