Friday, November 18, 2016

Hey guys!

Sorry its been a while, Ive been busy, but its been a good type of busy. Ive been transfered to my 3rd area, its called Agoo, and its hot, but awesome. My new companion is Elder Calipes, and hes pretty cool. Im loving the mission, its hard, but its worth it. Ill share  one quick experience. We were finding, we went to this one house, knocked, introduced ourselves, and ended up teaching Mary Lou about the Atonement, life after death, why blood or pork is not forbidden anymore, and that connection to the old and New Testaments, prophets, and prayer. It was an awesome lesson, and she likes to ask questions. We asked her to give the closing prayer, and there we discovered her love for her family, and that she wants the help of Heavenly Father. Powerful prayer, it was like she was talking to Him for the first time. After the prayer, he asked her what she was feeling, she said it was nice, uplifting, and then stated that she noticed it started when we first introduced ourselves. This is the work of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He will not leave us alone when we try to help our brothers and sisters, or if we are struggling. He wont. I hope you guys all have a  great week. 

Elder Miklich

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  1. It's good to hear an update! And I love all the pictures!!!