Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hey guys,

Sorry this is a short message but kulang horas. Things our still going good in Naguilian, I've been here a while and I'm going to transfer the 1st week of May. I'm going to miss it here. We are teaching this guy, Ronald, and he is in a wheelchair because of a stroke, and he can't move his left side of the body. we gave him a book of mormon a while ago, and because he has nothing else to do basically, he reads. The last 2 weeks, he's more and more excited to tells us the stories about the children of Ishmael, and laman and lemuel, and nephi. He says when he can walk again, he will come to church. Its super awesome teaching him and his asawa, she reads a little bit, she is super busy becuase she literally has to do everything, but she reads a little pag kaya. Remember, always read from the book of mormon, its a little thing, but so important in the long run. I have felt peace many a time reading from it. You can feel the same too. This is the promise off moroni, our Father in Heaven, if we do our part. I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Miklich

p.s. Sorry Mom walang pictures. A Sister missionary borrowed my cord and yup. Next week may marami!

Howdy yall

This week has been full of ups and downs, lots of dropped appointments, a few good lessons. Learning a lot still. The weirdest thing happened this week, and I'll send more pictures next time, a lot of viruses here daw. But wedsnday morning I went downstairs, heard some noises coming from the pot, and lo and behold, there were 5 kittens, and im pretty sure they were newborn, not the greatest smell. So we got them out. not a terribly interesting story, but its not every day a cat chooses one of the big cases inside your house to give birth. haha, its been a good week. I hope you guys are all enjoying the moments, cuz i hit my 6 month mark on Friday, and t feels closer to 6 weeks. Conti lang talaga ang mga horas natin dito sa mundo, so dont waste it. I hope you guys all have a happy week

Elder Miklich

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