Monday, April 25, 2016

Hello yall, 

Things are heating up here in Naguilian. Its the season called El Nino dito, which means thats its going to be really hot, then about may, a big storm. thats what they say, Ill let you know. This has been a really good week, we found two new families yesterday, we taught them both about families and how the gospel helps us. They were erally attentive, listened good, and said that we can come back! its always exciting as a missionary to meet new people, talk to them, and teach them true principles and promises of our Father in Heaven. We transfers happened on tuesday for the Sisters, so Sister Piol left, making me and Elder Arnado the oldest here in Naguilian. Crazy to think about how fast time has flown, it feels like home in Naguilian, its going to be hard to leave. Me and Elder Navarro have been needing some new investigators, ones who will progress, so we have been exploring the area a bit. Its amzing to go p to somebody, start talking to them, reallize that the missionaries way back taught them, and then invite us to come back. The missionary work is hard, there are both sowers, and reapers. Hopefully, we can se them accept the gospel, change their life, and begin the road to exhaltation at baptism, but if not today or this year, hopefully soon, before the night comes, and no labor can be performed. This is another reason to be hardowrking, so we can say that we have done all we could do. people have their free agency, and that makes it a lot harder, but everyone of us down here made the choice to have free agency, because we wanted to be the ones to decide our future. So lets all choose the right ehhh? Hopee you all have a great week

Elder Miklich

1) some cats that were birthed (I think) in our apartment 

2 my first kabahay

3) a gift from an inestigaotrs daughters becasue this is what they think Americans eat. coming from arizona almost spot on haha

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