Monday, December 7, 2015

Hi everybody!

Hope all is going good for you! Things are great over here in Naguilian. Some of the things that happened this week are: 1) We had an FHE almost every night because our branch is very sociable like that. That's been fun, and also a great place to bring investigators to. They get to mingle with members outside of the Church building and they love it. It really helps them a lot. And it has helped us too because my companion broke our fridge on accident last week, and as of now we still haven't got one. So we didn't have to buy as much food last week which was nice because it didn't go bad. 2) A family got baptized, a mom and her 3 kids. The dad is interested but it is hard for him to get Sundays off but hopefully we can teach him soon. They are a cool family, kids are high energy kids but they are still fun to be around. 3) Its December already! Christmas is near! Everybody here is pumped, but I hope we can all remember the true reason for Christmas. Christ, our Savior, was born into this world, where he lived a life in such a way as to save us. I love the gift giving and all of that, as long as we remember the best gift of all. Don't forget Him, and what He did for us. I love you all and until next week!

Elder Miklich

(Againg no pics this week...his church building doesn't have WiFi and it takes a long time to upload his photos at the internet cafe where he emails us and he just runs out of time each I added these pics from before he left on his mission.  I just needed to see his smile on the blog :)  He says that he is taking a ton of pictures and that he will upload them when he goes to the bigger church building for his Zone Conference.  He is thinking they have WiFi in that builinding)

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  1. I hope so! And they are great pictures! :) We are absolutely looking forward to Christmas and celebrating the birth of our Savior! What is different about Christmas customs there? :)