Monday, December 7, 2015

Hello Everybody!

Sorry I didn't get to you last week. Been busy. Life here in the Philippines are good. Some interesting experiences that I've had. We have an investigator that we taught like my first day here, and he was drunk. But then like yesterday we went to visit him again, and he made like a shrine/altar thing for Jesus, and he put the picture of Jesus ordaining Peter, from our L1 pamphlet, right in the center. It was so funny, because it was his birthday, and he was so proud of what he did, and he does believe in Jesus, but I don't think he gets it quite yet. Hopefully he will be able to understand. There was also like a Nativity picture and like a small statue, but in the center was our pamphlet that we gave him. That was my funny experience. A really spiritual experience we had was yesterday too. We are preparing this family for baptism this Saturday, and we actually pushed it back a week because the kids are super nice, but they had a really hard time praying and they wrote the steps down in their BoM and they used that to help them. So we were kinda worried about it. So we went over the Baptismal Interview questions again, and yesterday they knew how to pray, the answers, and were actually excited to get baptized. It was spiritual for me because I knew that they didn't study it as individuals. I'm positive that as a family, they helped each other out, which is awesome because that what our message is about. Families, helping each other to live the Gospel down here on Earth so we may live with them for all eternity after. This church is true, it blesses families. I've seen it change my family, and I can't imagine life without them.  

Take care, 
Elder Miklich