Tuesday, June 14, 2016

hey guys

Sorry if its been a while, and this is going to be short, but I just wanted to share a little about whats going on. My current companion is a really good missionary, and hes teaching me a lot. This sunday we had two families come to church for the first time! We have yet to go back to them, but Im learning a lot about how to follow up mostly. This is the biggest difference that Ive seen so far in my short mission. If our investigators dont read, we spend time to teach the importance of reading. if they dont pray, we explain the importance of prayer. If they dont come to church, we explain the importance of coming to church. A good follow up means that you meant your invitation. Our Father in Heaven gave us an invitation to become as He is, with a whole plan set laid out. Right now, we are in the midst of that plan, awaiting that follow up, which is at that last Judgement, where each person will be accountable for their thoughts, words, and actions. As stated in Alma 34:33, this life is for us to prepare for eternity. That means our Father in Heaven is serious about the follow up. This may be taking it to a huge scale, but I think the principle is the same.We have been invited, we are currently working out our salvation( and a loving father has giving us everything we need to succeed.) and at the follow up, if we kept the commandments, and lived as we were supposed to, we will receive eternal life. In other words, a blessings. When teaching an investigator, the invitation is the same, (repent and come unto Christ and follow His Gospel) but the blessings are a little bit different and the time frame is obviously a little bit shorter. I hope I inspired you guys a bit, to think about life, and search for answers out of my poor explanation. But the Gospel is true, and I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Miklich

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