Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello guys!

Another week here in Naguilian. New Years here is crazy. people enjoy to make noise. I don't quite understand it, but they do. My companion woke up around twelve, and then couldn't fall back to sleep for a while, so he was super tire all that day. I was just konked out, because we bike a long way, in a short amount of time, and so  I had no trouble sleeping til 6:30.

We celebrated New Year's by eating. That's all about all we had to do haha. There are 4 of us in the house, 3 Americanos and 1 Filipino. He is so funny, he is actually pretty good at english, but he talks in Tagalog most of the time. So that's what we did for New Years.

It was pretty great this week though. We are teaching this family, the Julaton's, and the dad is all for getting baptized, and the kids are pretty excited too, and they gave a strong commitment to go to church, pero walang sila. It really makes you sad. So we go back there tonight to see what happened. Well, nothing too exciting happened this week, but I sure hope you guys had a fantastic week! Til next week!

Elder Miklich

Richard's description of these 2 photos are:

A Roasted Duck


A Cow with Grass

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  1. I love his photo captions! Hahaha! Great pictures!! Happy New Year Elder Miklich! :)